Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition.  But a brand is blog3much more than just a name or logo. Your brand serves as a symbol of the quality, value, and reputation which customers and fans come to expect in products you sell, services you provide and art you create. It also represents the emotional connection customers and fans can develop through their experiences and associations with your brand.

And if your brand is strong, it also becomes part of your customers’ and fans’ identity…their image…their personal brands.

Your brand is your story…and your story is your brand.

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into existence. It’s the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Although creativity is most often associated with entertainment and the arts, creativity not only inspires artistic expression, but also fuels advances and innovation in technology, science, medicine, business and every other discipline.  We all incorporate creativity into our daily lives to communicate ideas and values, solve problems and to help satisfy our need for novel, varied and complex stimulation.  Innovators, thought leaders and entertainers perceive and experience the world in new ways, find hidden patterns, express unusual thoughts, generate products and solutions and influence our culture in important ways through creativity.

Whether your brand is the star or your creativity is your brand, knowing how to protect and make the most of your intangible assets is crucial to your success.  And there is much to know.

Consider this your backstage VIP pass.  I’ll get you behind the velvet rope.  Protect your brand. Champion your creativity.


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